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shutterstock_1013712277At WIH we are Houston proud! This semester we are offering several courses and lectures that showcase the rich tapestry that makes up our beloved city.

Come learn about our growth from humble beginnings in 1836 to a multi-cultural, urban center in This is Houston! with new professor Jim Parsons of Preservation Houston. Or take a class about our diverse faith communities in The World’s Next Door: Religions in Houston with Gregory Han of Interfaith Ministries of Houston, who is also new to WIH.

Houston boasts one of the most vibrant performing and visual art communities in the world. Dominique Royem returns to WIH with The Music and Drama of Opera, several of which can be enjoyed locally next season at Houston Grand Opera and Opera in the Heights. Exploring More Galleries of Houston with art historian and appraiser Sarah Foltz takes us even further into the inner workings of Houston’s art scene. Finally, new professor Kaylin Weber, Curator of American Painting at MFAH, will lecture on Norman Rockwell and the Four Freedoms which will be on special exhibit at MFAH this winter.