The Women’s Institute of Houston was founded in 1951 by Mr. and Mrs. Dean Richardson, in cooperation with community members who were dedicated to offering adult continuing education. In 1956, The Women’s Institute was chartered as a non-profit educational organization, and the present dual program began to take shape. This program consists of the Cultural Studies Program and Sunday Lectures, a group of courses given by local university professors that are tailored to fit into the hectic schedules of modern life; and the Lecture Luncheon Series, which brings authorities who discuss an aspect of their field of expertise in a single presentation.


Board of Directors 

Marilyn G. Lummis, Chair Emerita
Dorothy W. Smith, Chair Emerita
Cynthia J. Brown, Chairman
Judy Chapman, President
Elizabeth Petit, Vice-President
Walter Taylor, Treasurer
Betsy Hope, Secretary
Donna Glass, Lecture Luncheon Chair
Jan Burroughs
Diane Cates
Bette Brinson
Linda Murphy
Susan Reeves
Joan Scales
Walter Taylor

Jana Whitby, Executive Director
Claudia M. Roeser, Assistant Director


Fax (713) 529-9266
E-mail wih@wih.org
The Women’s Institute
2202 Avalon Place
Houston, Texas 77019