Spotlighting Rabbi Seymour Rossel

September 20, 2010
 Our biblical ancestors “heard” things in ways we no longer do. They sincerely believed that they could discern the words of God.

But how are we today to understand what the Bible means when we read that “God said …” or “God spoke these words …” or “God commanded …”? Obviously, our ancestors were too sophisticated to imagine God as a superhuman possessing vocal chords, yet the Bible intimates that they were nevertheless in direct contact with God. How did they discern God speaking to them? Does the Bible contain concrete clues to this mystery?

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Rabbi Seymour Rossel is the author of thirty-three books, including The Storybook Haggadah, The Torah: Portion-by-Portion, Bible Dreams: The Spiritual Quest,, A Child’s Bible, When a Jew Prays, When a Jew Seeks Wisdom, A Thousand and One Chickens, and Managing the Jewish Classroom. In addition, he has edited some 300 books, having worked with nearly every distinguished Jewish author of our times.  Rabbi Rossel is presently teaching IN THE BEGINNING: THE “REAL” GENESIS STORIES at The Women’s Institute.  You can join this class in progress.