It’s All in the Details!

November 18, 2011

For many of us, the details in interior design and architecture can be confounding, but Susan Fruit plans to make it all understandable in her upcoming class, “It’s All in the Details.”  Using pictures, examples, and descriptions of architectural, furniture, and textile detailing, along with examples of faux finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture pieces, Fruit plans to offer us a bird’s eye view into home design. What’s more, there are even fun field trips planned to visit design resources!

WIH Reporter: Tell us about your class.

Fruit: I’m delighted to be teaching my new course on interior design and architecture for Spring. Detailing is a timely topic that affects every homeowner. It is so easy to become complacent with the overall look of our home when we see it every day that we often don’t realize how tired and dated it has become. Details like changing out a dated chandelier or applying a fresh coat of paint to create a new color scheme can make all the difference. So often, a room’s appeal is not so much in what is obvious but in what is not immediately apparent. We will look at all the details that can improve a home to make it beautiful and also add to its long-term value.

WIH Reporter: What excites you most about interior design and architecture?

Fruit: In this course we discuss the essence of style and good taste and how to uplift and update your home’s details in the most cost-efficient manner. I am passionate about this subject because I believe everyone deserves to have a home that is tasteful, timeless, and personally satisfying. A well-designed, beautifully appointed home never goes out of style.

WIH Reporter: What were the strongest influences in your life?

Fruit: The strongest influences in my life were my mother and maternal grandmother. It is from them that I learned valuable life lessons, gained self-confidence, and established my moral compass. They encouraged and supported me in all of my endeavors and taught me to give unselfishly to others. This family closeness inspired my interest in genealogy, and I continue to actively work on tracing my family’s roots.

It truly is all about the details! Here is a list of some of the details covered in Susan Fruit’s upcoming class:

  • Architectural detailing homes and in the landscaped environment
  • Interior architectural elements that create distinctive design styles
  • In-depth look at dressmaker detailing on upholstered pieces
  • The world of textiles, trims, and passamenterie for custom draperies and more
  • Wood carving detailing on casement pieces
  • Stained and painted finishes on cabinetry
  • Faux finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture pieces