10 Outstanding Apps

November 26, 2012

The following is a list of 10 apps we like this month for smartphones and tablets for health, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment and more.


Flixster – Includes local showtimes, reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, DVD releases and more, all available in one app. FREE




Flipboard: Offers news, tech, style articles from the major magazines and other media and also functions as social media, letting you create your own news from Facebook and Twitter accounts. FREE


Gifts HD – This new app was created to help you track, budget, and compare prices for your holiday shopping. You can shop within the app while comparing products, and this app has a multi-user functions for others in the family, who have their own password. Also featured are summary reports, to-do lists, and a calculator. $4.99



Food in the Kitchen – Offers thousands of all-star recipes from Food Network chefs and their shows. $1.99





Cloth – This app makes it easy to save and categorize your outfits and more. Has a weather feature that uses real-time weather conditions to make it easy to find the perfect outfit. FREE


Ambiance – Environment enhancer that creates the perfect ambient atmosphere to relax or to experience new environments aurally. Sounds range from Moscow thunderstorms to Desert winds to Scottish evenings. Not all the sounds are meant for relaxing…Munich Train station and NYC Subway Rush may be best used to combat lethargy. $2.99


Pocket Yoga – Offers 3 different difficulty levels, durations, and practices with illustrated pose images, allowing you to start your practice wherever you are. Features detailed voice and visual instructions (breathing guidance also), and maintains an ongoing log of your practices. $2.99




iTriage – Created by two ER doctors. Not only can you check your symptoms, but you can start with any symptom, understand the causes, get medical help, and book your appointment all in one app. There are long lists of medications and their side effects, conditions, procedures, along with the latest health news. FREE



Fitness Buddy -The ultimate fitness journal, with 1000+ exercises, 45+ tailored workouts, images and animations. It lets you track your fitness progress all on one page, and select exercises to fit your daily workout plan. $0.99.