How well do you know the Impressionists?

April 30, 2013


1) How many times was Degas married?

A. Only once.
B. Twice.
C. He never married.

2) In his later years, Pierre-Auguste Renoir suffered from which disability?

A. Rheumatism
B. Dysentery
C. Sciatica

3) Who was Monet’s favorite model?

A. His first wife, Camille.
B. HIs second wife, Alice.
C. His next door neighbor, a ballerina.

4) What was Monet’s actual first name?

A. Claude
B. Oscar-Claude
C. Clause Oscar

5) Which artist was often described as / considered to be the “father of modern art”?

A. Renoir
B. Monet
C. Cezanne
D. Degas


1. C. He never married.

2.  A. Rheumatism.

3.  A. His first wife, Camille.

4. B. Oscar-Claude.

5. C. Cezanne.