Writer’s Workshop: Finding the Voice Within

April 27, 2014

write2Carol Munn’s workshop explores finding and honing the voice of our inner experience. According to Munn, this voice is the resonant force through which we understand ourselves, each other, history, the world, art, and literature.

We spent a little time visiting with Munn to find out more about this workshop.


WIH Reporter: What is the first thing we need to know about your workshop?

Munn: Passion and courage are the most necessary elements for writing and are therefore the most necessary components for our class. Writing is exciting and meaningful, and attendees will select the genre (poetry, fiction, essay) that fits them best.

WIH Reporter: What things would surprise us to know about writing and finding our own voice?

Munn: The events that we write about have most likely occurred in other lives throughout time. The distinction is in how we tell that story, what we include and what we leave out, the wording and selection of details that conveys our own voice and point of view. We already possess everything we need to access our voice, which is our unique perspective on the experiences and landscapes of our lives.

WIH Reporter: What is the biggest misconception we have about writing?

Munn: Many people believe that some people are “born” writers and that what they produce emerges unblemished from their superior regions. I believe, however, that everyone can improve and “naturalize” the precision and power of written expression.

WIH Reporter: What kinds of exercises will you use in your class to help attendees find their voice?

Munn: I will present exercises for ways to begin stories, poems, and essays because the blank page is difficult to overcome. The only purpose of an exercise is to help a writer produce something new and more powerful than what they have previously written. Therefore, some people might find it more productive to write against the exercise. Although I will have a planned lesson and structure for each meeting, the exercises will depend on the individual people in the class.

Munn’s 6-week class begins at 10 a.m. on June 12, 2014. For more information, click here.