Behind the Scenes: Caring for your Art Collection

January 26, 2015

View of a  frame-maker’s workshop, oil on canvas, 1900, anonymous, (Wikipedia)

Art Connection: Behind the Scenes – Collection Care” is the fifth class of an ongoing series taught by Liz Anders, intended for art enthusiasts and for those who are interested in the inner workings of Houston’s extensive fine art scene.  In this series, Anders covers the topic of caring for your art collection. To this end, the class will meet with various local professionals to discuss conservation, restoration, proper framing practices, appraisals, and insuring artwork. We visited with Anders to find out more.

WIH Reporter: What is important to know about your upcoming class?

Anders: In the past several Art Connection classes, we have discussed buying art, selling art, collecting art, but this class will be focused on a very important topic that some people tend to forget about, which is taking care of your artwork. Once you make the decision to own artwork, you really need to know the best practices for ensuring that your artwork lasts for your lifetime and lifetimes yet to come!

WIH Reporter: What would surprise us to know about the topic of your class?

Anders: I think some might fear the class will not be as exciting as past Art Connection classes but in fact, we will visit a conservation lab, hear from insurance company representatives, visit with a framer to discuss how important framing can be, and look at artwork examples firsthand. It will be very interesting to meet with some of the best art professionals in town who are all talented in their specific fields.

WIH Reporter: What format do you plan to use in the class? 

Anders: We will meet at the Women’s institute once and then go offsite. for the remaining classes. If you care about the art work you own, and are invested in it emotionally or monetarily, you must make sure you are doing all of the necessary steps to ensure it will remain in good condition for years to come! 

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