Turbulent Times: Crucial Strategies for Investing

March 31, 2015

coinsTop financial consultant Bill Frisco’s upcoming 5-week class “Investment Strategies in a World of Turbulence” begins April 7th, and takes us on a fascinating exploration of the most successful growth and income strategies for today’s volatile market. The class also offers the best methods to help investors reduce risk in their investment portfolio. We asked him to tell us more.

WIH Reporter: In a nutshell, what topics does your class cover?

Frisco: This course is designed to communicate the most up to date and useful information  about today’s stock, bond, and energy markets.

WIH Reporter: What are some common misconceptions about financial matters that we don’t realize?

Frisco: In investing, when something is easy to buy it is almost always eventually the wrong thing to buy. You’ll make quick money following the hottest sectors, and growth stocks are better for young investors.

WIH Reporter: Are there any safe investments in these volatile times?

Frisco: In the current investing climate, there is risk in every investment. The question would be better phrased as ‘What are you doing to control the risk?’ We will cover all the ways to minimize risk in this class.

Bill Frisco’s upcoming class explores every aspect of minimizing the risks to your finances, which can be affected by sources as far away as global disease epidemics, chaos in the Middle East, a pending recession in Europe, a slowdown in emerging markets, and stagnant growth worldwide. This seminar is for investors with limited financial knowledge as well as more experienced investors who wish to sharpen their skills, and it will be conducted in a question and answer format to help participants learn the use of key financial concepts and strategies.  Appropriate portfolios for those in retirement and those planning for retirement will be detailed and analyzed also.

Investment Strategies in a World of Turbulence” starts on April 7th at 10:00 a.m. For more information or to register for this class, click here..