iPhone/iPad Security Secrets: 3 Things You Can Do Now to Make Your Device Secure

January 29, 2016

ApplicationsStoreHomeScreenRedNumberIn these days of identity theft, ad and location tracking, and constant hacking, is there any way we can safeguard our mobile devices? Apple offers numerous ways to make sure our emails, contacts, messages, locations, and web surfing destinations can remain private. To accomplish this, some of the default settings have to be changed. We asked Liz Weiman, our iPad/iPhone technical guru to tell us 3 things we can do right now to start the process. Below are her recommendations.

1. Make sure Find My iPhone has been installed and is turned on for each device. To do so, tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen, and then tap iCloud. Scroll down the list of apps and then tap Find My iPhone (or Find My iPad on an iPad). Make sure it is turned on and enabled as shown below.

2. Set up a 6-digit passcode instead of the usual 4-digits, and make sure your phone locks when it is not being used. Security and convenience are often at odds, but for a few seconds of unlocking your screen, you gain a tremendous security. Here are the steps to create/update your passcode:

A.  Tap the Settings app on the Home screen.

B.  Tap Passcode.  (Note: On devices with Touch ID, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.)


C. If you have a 4digit passcode set up, enter your passcode in the keypad that comes up. You can change it to a safer 6-digit passcode on the screen that follows by tapping Change Passcode. If you do not have a passcode, you can set one up in the Passcode Lock screen by tapping Turn Passcode On. 


3. Clear out your Safari History and Website Data. 

This very quick operation, accomplished in the Settings app will remove history, cookies and other browsing data – all information that can be easily accessed if it is left untouched. Simply tap Settings, and then tap Safari. Scroll all the way down, and tap the Clear History and Website Data link, and then tap Clear in order to clear your history. It is good to do this a a few times a week.

Liz Weiman’s upcoming class, “iWorkshop Part 1: Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhones, iPads, and Apps”, starts in September at 1:00 pm and continues for 4 weeks. To find out more about the upcoming class or to register, look in the Computer/Digital Technology section of this site.