3 iPhone Camera Tricks & Apps

May 22, 2016


It is important to understand how to use features in the Camera app in order to create the best possible photos.

We asked Liz Weiman, our iPad/iPhone technical guru to tell us 3 things we can do right now to get better pictures.

1. When you snap photos, use the High Volume button on the side of your iPhone to take the shot instead of the white onscreen button. This really helps to steady the camera when you are taking a picture and don’t want the camera to move as it tends to when you tap the white button. This also works with headphones that have volume controls on the cable.

2. The iPhone focuses for you automatically, and you can tell where it focuses based on the yellow square that shows on the screen. However, you can manually direct it to focus elsewhere by tapping on the screen in the desired locations, which directs your iPhone specifically where to focus.

3. The days that you take a group photo without yourself in it are over! There’s a self-timer on the iPhone in the Camera app, with a choice between a 2-second delay and a 10-second delay.  You can prop up the camera or put it on one of the specially-made tripods for the iPhone, and then tap the self-timer. This gives you time to run back to your group to be photographed before the photo is taken.

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