Writing Workshop: WIH’s 2nd Evening Class

August 21, 2016


K.C. Sinclair’s upcoming evening class, “The Writer’s Toolbox: An Exploration And Practice“, is an exploration of all the tools writers use to engage their readers. We visited Sinclair to find out more.

WIH Reporter: What is important for us to know about your upcoming class?

Sinclair: The class is an exploration of tools and techniques writers use in all genres to hook their readers and make the reading experience memorable. It will be a low-stress, high-fun series of experiments with craft.

WIH Reporter: What mistaken impressions do we have about the writing?

Sinclair: Some people think there are two types of people: writers and people who can’t write. The truth is that the only difference between these two types are those who pick up the pen or pencil or keyboard and those who don’t. Writing is like exercise, to get into writing shape you just have to do it. Everyone can be a writer. Everyone has stories to tell.

WIH Reporter: What else would surprise us about the topic of your class?

Sinclair: The topics we are covering apply to all types of writing: poetry, prose, non-fiction, memoire, plays, and screenplays. We will read and have fun writing them all!

WIH Reporter: What format do you plan to use in your class?

Sinclair: We will do a lot of small writing exercises and exploration of published work in each class. There will be several fun activities we move through and discuss each week. Lots of time to generate ideas in an environment geared for trying new things instead of seeking perfection. All classes will involve some work sharing, some drafting, some revising, and some discussion of the authors we use as muses.

K.C. Sinclair’s 6-Week workshop begins on 10-4-16, and takes place fro 5:00 PM - 07:00 PM. For more information, or to sign up, click here.