Alida Webb To Retire After 35 Years: Jana Whitby is Appointed as New Executive Director

October 14, 2016

janaalidaWe welcome Jana Whitby to the Women’s Institute as the fourth director in our sixty-five year history.  She brings technological savvy, great people skills, and love for the  Women’s Institute to her job.  She has been a board member for the last six years, chairman of Lecture Luncheon for three years, and an enthusiastic student since 2007.  As pleased as we are to welcome Jana, we are saddened to say good bye to Alida Webb.  Alida’s contributions to our continuing education program have been immeasurable.  Her farewell letter to us is as follows:

“For 35 years it has been my privilege and  honor to serve as the director of the Women’s Institute.  It has been a fulfilling and successful career for me.  I have been fortunate to have been a part of many wonderful things that have taken place over the span of these years:  to see the WI grow from a small house on Westgate to the planning and building of a larger facility on Avalon that has given us the ability to serve many more of our community; to have received my “second education” at the feet of many exemplary professors and instructors; to have met and come to know many, many wonderful students who have come through our doorways; and to have served with many fine boards of directors.

I am not saying a permanent “good bye” as I will now see you in class and in a seat at a table at Lecture Luncheon.  I thank all of you and the board for this continued opportunity to satisfy my curiosity in all things intellectual and cultural.”