The Centenniel of The Great Migration: How Six Million African Americans Transformed the United States

February 20, 2017

mlkThe Great Migration (1917-1970) of  more than six  million African Americans out of the South to other regions of the United States is one of the most important, courageous, underreported yet consequential movements in our nation’s history.  In search of true freedom, equality, education, and opportunity, those brave migrants—fleeing systemic racism, abuse, oppression, enforced poverty, and violence—transformed American culture, society, demographics, and politics in a multitude of ways, both tangible and intangible, short-term and long-term.  Although many Americans do not learn about the Great Migration in their history classes, its centennial reminds us of just how far-reaching and long lasting the Migration’s legacy truly. To find our more and to register, click here.