Your Remodeling Journey

March 1, 2017

modelSusan Fruit’s upcoming class, “The Remodeling Revolution” goes a long way towards helping us to make sense of taking on a remodeling of project in the fast paced world of interior design and renovation. So, how does one choose from all the products? Susan Fruit will be discussing everything you need to know in her six-week course on home renovation. The class will feature PowerPoint presentations plus field trips to showrooms and client homes/works in progress.

Get started by taking Susan’s remodeling quiz to see how much you know about this topic!

1. What should be the main focal point in a kitchen?

2. What is the “hottest” product trend in kitchen countertop material?

3. How many inches should there be between a wall mounted cooktop hood and a wall cabinet?

4. What is the most important thing to do when converting a tile shower to a steam shower?

5. What is the “hottest” design trend in master baths?


  1. The cooktop hood

  2. Quartz

  3. 4” – 6”

  4. Slope the ceiling

  5. A large picture window with a motorized window shade

Susan’s class begins on March 7th at 10 am. For more information or to register for this information-packed class, click here.