Shakespeare: From Page to Stage

June 12, 2017

theatre2 The authority on all things Shakespeare, Kate Pogue, shares about her exciting class for the Fall:

“Shakespeare’s plays are great and satisfying in part because they were written for fine actors to perform. Shakespeare (unlike many of his contemporary playwrights) was himself an actor and wrote parts for his own performance. As a result, he learned to encode interpretive stage directions into his language—messages for his fellow actors to pick up on to shape their performances. Through his writing he gave keys for memorization, set the rhythm of a scene, and the pace of the play. He punctuated the ends of scenes, created the dynamism of relationships, established irony and ambiguity, established mood and atmosphere. In the 1980s John Barton rediscovered these Shakespearean stage directions and shared them in a BBC series with a team of actors including Judi Dench, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and David Suchet. In the Fall 2017 Shakespeare class we will be sitting in on John Barton’s master classes, learning to perceive Shakespeare’s directions to his actors. This thrilling exploration will change our way of approaching and appreciating the works of the greatest poet/playwright of the English language.”

This class will meet for six weeks on Thursdays beginning September 7. Click here for more information.