Helga Aurisch Speaks: On Artistic Couples

February 28, 2018

The Kiss by Gustave Klimt

Another title I considered for this course was “Artists in Love,” but that had been used by Veronica Kavass for her 2012 book on this fascinating subject. I did want to concentrate on painters. And they were not always in love. Many of the relationships that we will be looking at, for instance Dora Maar and Picasso, Gabrielle Münter and Vassily Kandinsky were turbulent to say the least. Starting as love stories, even seductions, they often ended in sadness and misery for the women. They had to battle on while their former partners rose to stardom.  At a moment when the #metoo movement is fiercely debated in our society, looking at the trajectory of these couples that often began as student/teacher relationships will add a historical dimension to the current discussion.

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