Miraculous Migrations with Glenn Olsen

February 20, 2019

Red-Knot_(Calidris_canutus)_RWD4We are very excited to welcome new professor, Glenn Olsen, a certified Master Naturalist and owner of GOBirding Ecotours, to WIH! His class “Miraculous Migrations” is part of our new Science and Nature Category and will meet Thursdays, starting March 21. We recently caught up with Glenn to find out more about his devotion to animals and conservation.

WIH Reporter: You have dedicated your career to sharing your passion with others about the natural world. What will you bring to your class to spark that same excitement.

Olsen: I enjoy sharing my passion for plants, bird, and pollinators. My approach is to guide someone in the direction of and simply open the door to exploring the beauty and magnificence of nature and let them discover on their own the amazing beauty and intricacy of the natural world that exists all around us.

WIH Reporter: Which migratory animal that passes through Texas do you find the most fascinating?

Olsen: There are many birds that make an astounding migration but I am especially fond of the shorebird know as the Red Knot (pictured above).

WIH Reporter: How do animals know where to go when migrating long distances? Will you discuss the “guiding systems” that animals use to make these great journeys in your class?

Olsen: Researchers are learning new information about migration with the advent of tiny electronic devices. Some of this information supports existing theories and some of the data contains new details that were not known. We will discuss these theories in great detail in class.

WIH Reporter: What do you want your students to take away from this class?

Olsen: A passionate desire to get involved and connected with nature.

WIH Reporter: As a world traveler of ecotours, what has been your favorite place to visit?

Olsen: A difficult question as each location has its own beauty and uniqueness. But, up until now, I would say Ecuador.

“Miraculous Migrations” meets for 6 weeks on Thursdays at 10:00, beginning March 21. Click here to learn more.