Louis XIV…True or False?

September 13, 2019

WIH welcomes back historian Wil McCorquodale. His upcoming Sunday lecture on The Reign of Louis XIV will debunk some of the myths surrounding this king of France. Wil has come up with some True or False statements to test your knowledge. Answers to be revealed on Sunday, October 20 at 4:00.

1)      The wars of Louis XIV were by far his greatest expense.

2)      Louis insisted throughout his reign that he did not need the advice of ministers.

3)      Louis ignored his illegitimate offspring and relegated them to monasteries and convents.

4)     Louis almost never lost his temper in public.

5)      By the end of his reign, Louis XIV’s council of state was run from behind the scenes by his wife.

6)      Louis rarely commanded armies and gave his generals fairly wide latitude in what they did.