Chase Untermeyer

Chase Untermeyer is a 1968 Graduate of Harvard College with honors in government.   He has been an international business consultant since returning in 2007 from Qatar, where he served three years as United States ambassador. Ambassador Untermeyer was a member of the Texas House of Representatives, elected from a district on the near west side of Houston.  He left the legislature in 1981 to go to Washington as executive assistant to then-Vice President Bush.  He was Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower & Reserve Affairs for President Reagan and in 1989 Director of Presidential Personnel for George Bush.  In 1991 he was appointed Director of the Voice of America.  Ambassador Untermeyer is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and is currently chairman of the Texas Ethics Commission.  He also chairs the advisory board of The Soufan Group, which provides strategic security intelligence services to governments and multinational organizations.