George S. Glass

George S. Glass is a medical doctor and Board Certified Psychiatrist and Addictionologist.  He graduated from Northwestern University Medical School, trained at the Yale University Department of Psychiatry, and set up the United States Navy’s Alcohol Treatment Program at the Bethesda Naval Hospital.  He has been a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the UTMH, and Cornell Medical Schools.  He is one of the few physicians in the country to evaluate pilot’s for the airlines and the FAA, and does independent assessments for the Texas Board of Medical Examiners, the Texas Bar Association, and various companies and unions.  Dr. Glass has written more than 30 psychiatric papers, 2 books, and given presentations at local, regional, and national meetings.  He has been quoted and appeared in local and national media.  He has been an expert witness throughout the country on psychiatric and addiction issues, and has evaluated, or treated more than 40,000 individuals in his career.  He is in practice in Houston and he and his wife Donna have five children.