Dr. Jill Carroll Speaks: On Religion and Protest

September 26, 2017

“Most world religions have some sort of social vision – either a full-blown theory of society, or at least a few guidelines for how people should run their communal lives together.  We see, therefore, many instances historically where religious belief & values have formed the basis for socio-political change.  Gandhi fighting for independence of his country from colonialism, Dorothy Day fighting for worker’s rights, Dietrich Bonhoeffer resisting Nazism, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr fighting for civil rights for African-Americans – these and many more are examples of individuals whose activism was rooted in a deeply-held faith commitment.  Our class in the fall will focus on several of these individuals to learn more about how personal faith guided their work.  In doing so, we expose ourselves to the lives and ideas of some of the most extraordinary people who have ever lived.” Religion and Protest begins Monday, October 23. Image of Dorothy Day via Wikipedia.